What Barack and Michelle Obama Didn't Expect

Candidate and Spouse Surprised by Clintons

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Apparently it comes as a shock to Barack and Michelle Obama that Bill and Hillary Clinton haven't been playing nice on the campaign trail. This is from an e-mail sent out to the Barack mailing list:

We expected that Bill Clinton would tout his record from the nineties and talk about Hillary's role in his past success. That's a fair approach and a challenge we are prepared to face.

What we didn't expect, at least not from our fellow Democrats, are the win-at-all-costs tactics we've seen recently. We didn't expect misleading accusations that willfully distort Barack's record.
It's good to see them finally hitting back a little more aggressively. But I don't know that that's a smart tack to take. "We didn't know the Clintons would fight dirty because they're Democrats," sounds about as hopelessly naive as one can get. Firstly, they're the Clintons. Heck, the surprise at this point is that Barack Obama's name hasn't been completely trampled in the mud. The surprise is that Hillary waited until just this week to blame up the old "you worked with slum lords" charge. Also, very few voters actually believe that the Democrats are any nicer than the Republicans when it comes to getting into office.
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