Barack Obama: The Magnet

Maybe This Will Make Everyone Forget About Wright

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Taking a page from the Domino's Pizza marketing playbook, the Obama campaign is offering supporters a "limited edition Vote for Change car magnet." That's right. You too can get one of these bad boys for your ride for the low, low donation of $15 (or more, naturally). Be warned, though: It's going to be a very small change--or not a great deal of hope. The magnet is only five inches. So the pizza-delivery guys are totally going to laugh at you. At any rate, maybe this magnet will help us all forget that other marketing nightmare the Obama campaign is dealing with (again). When Obama gave his previous speech saying we needed to have a conversation on race he was really trying to pull a Jedi mind trick on the media--"This is not the discussion you are looking for. Change the subject." Looks like it didn't work on Jeremiah Wright, who has "outraged" Obama.
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