Barack Obama Teams Lays Out Strategy in Video

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David Plouffe sent a video out to Obama supporters today not only seeking funds and motivating the troops, but explaining the strategy for battleground states -- and how money and volunteers fit into that strategy. It's got PowerPoint, maps, electoral-college tallies and FEAR. Yeah, that's right, the party that loves to accuse the Republicans of playing on the fear of voters, scares its supporters by saying the RNC has $50 million compared to the DNC's $4 million. "The McCain campaign treats the RNC as their campaign." You don't say! He also mentions negative ads and a "Republican apparatus" and "shadowy outside groups." (Forget that on a national level, John McCain's the only one being attacked by an outside group at the moment.) But my sarcasm aside, this is actually a brilliant move to prevent Barack Obama supporters from resting on their laurels. They've been hearing a lot lately about how Obama's sitting on a mountain of cash. And they may think he's got smooth sailing from here on out. But this should frighten them just enough to get those wallets open and those feet moving over to the nearest Obama '08 office. It's a hell of a lot smarter than having one of your people say that an act of terrorism will help your chances. Watch the video here. This is how you market to your supporters.
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