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Are Any Swing Voters Switching Sides?

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DENVER ( -- Let me be the first to admit when I'm wrong. As much as I thought the whole Invesco Field thing would look like a Riefenstahl production, it didn't strike me as such ... even though I was sitting with 60,000 Barack Obama supporters. (I know Invesco holds more than that, but I'm accounting for the approximately 2 million journalists who tag along for conventions.)
Barack Obama
Barack Obama Credit: AP
I thought the speech itself was pretty strong. He seemed presidential. He also delivered with few mistakes and didn't seem all that ... I don't know ... boring and intellectual. Granted, John Kerry, Al Gore and other Democrats who've lost handily now seem to have found exciting and relevant voices of their own. But compare this convention to the last, and there is no competition. (And frankly I still think Gore comes off as a sanctimonious blowhard.)

Obama is not going to win any points by going after McCain on the Iraq/Afghanistan thing -- or even oil. But he can slam McCain on the economy. He did that a lot tonight.

But I think his best swing-vote moment came when he pointed out individual responsibility and a certain class of men who lag when it comes taking care of their own. Though I thought it was good, I don't know that it was enough to convince my mom. In fact, I know it wasn't. Then again, she's no longer the swing voter she used to be.

The folks sitting in Invesco Field were convinced beyond all belief. No surprise there. But how did the TV-watching crowd deal with it?

Keep in mind the strong presence of American flags and the very enthusiastic crowds (enthusiastic even after dealing with the ridiculous lines to get into the place). Those were good moves by the campaign. (Unlike the total clusterf-ck of transportation following the event. I'm interested to see if that shows up in media coverage. The media, who pretend to be of the people but who can't stand being treated like the people, were righteously upset by waiting in line for disappearing buses and getting soaked by sprinklers outside of the stadium.)

At any rate, your thoughts are welcome.
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