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Campaign Claims $5 Million Boost

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I'll admit that I think much of the talk of an internet revolution in politics is overhyped. A snazzy Second Life campaign isn't going to win you the election. But as Howard Dean proved last time around, if there's one thing the interweb machine is good at, it's raising funds.

Now here comes the Ron Paul camp, claiming to have raised $5 million in campaign funds. That's nothing to sneeze at. And it seems to have been a result of an odd chain-reaction. Paul famously got dressed down by Rudy Giuliani at one of the debates for saying our international policy created 9/11. The press jumped all over it. Republican bloggers jumped all over Paul, largely to make fun of him. Then Paul's supporters jumped into the fray, claiming the major bloggers were off base and that Paul's performance had touched a nerve in the American people, moving him up in (internet) polls (in real-world polls, he was coming in right at ... well ... zero). Sites were created, tough-sounding e-mails were sent and it all seemed to be the makings of one of those fringe campaigns that were fun to check in on from time to time -- the Republican version of the Mike Gravel campaign, if you will.

But it seems that the Ron Paul base was motivated enough to cobble together $5 million. If the numbers are accurate -- IF -- that puts Paul within reach of John McCain.
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