Bill Clinton E-Mails Campaign Trail!

And So Does Joe Trippi, Michelle Obama ...

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This quarter is coming to a close and with that comes a frenzied round of campaign fundraising e-mails. I'd sort of filtered out Joe Trippi's attempts to scare up enough money to reach the Edwards campaign goal of $9 million -- though it was funny to see the campaign, in accusing the opposition of being overly fascinated with John Edwards' hair, ressurect the John Edwards hair story. And I don't pay much attention to the other campaigns' e-mail blasts. (Our D.C. correspondent Ira Teinowitz TOLD me not to sign up for e-mail blasts from all those campaigns, but did I listen? Nooooo.)

But you know what cuts through the clutter? Seeing Bill Clinton's name pop up in your inbox. Sure, it amounts to junk mail and I never did much care for the guy's politics, but there's that one brief moment when you see the name and think, "Hey, I'm being heard!" I'd like to think this goes for journalist and regular citizen alike.

Of course, after a promising start -- "Dear Friend, I hope you enjoyed the Sopranos spoof Hillary and I did last week" -- Bill quickly moves along to the serious business of asking for money. Still, it's fun to read if you imagine Bubba's voice in your head.

The most convincing line in the entire e-mail is this one: "She's also the best candidate to beat the Republican machine. You know Hillary will never let a swift boat-style attack go unanswered."

If nothing else, it promises some fireworks later on down the road.
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