Best Campaign Song Ever?

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Ron Paul might be polling 0.2% in real-world polls, but he's king of online polls and the king of Technorati (go on, check it out, if you don't believe me). Now my former colleague Jon Fine dubs the following video and song the best of the upcoming season -- not that it has much competition. While it's got a beat and I can dance to it (I just tried), I will point out that the Roy Shivers and King Solomon joint contains: half-baked (and fully stoned) conspiracy theories; reference to that old bug-bear, the Israeli lobby; about 500 copyright infringements; and, most laughably, a taunt aimed at Dennis Kucinich for polling in the low single digits. (Ron Paul isn't even mentioned in this Rasmussen Poll.)

Still, Fine's right. It is better than all the other campaign songs.

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