Candidates Should Read This Series From Slate

And Tweak Their Advertising Accordingly

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Slate's John Dickerson is taking a look at the "one question that haunts every campaign." Heck, some campaigns are lucky enough to have two or three questions that haunt the campaign, but Dickerson's series is seeking out and discussing the big one, the Achilles heel.

Rudy Giuliani was up first, with an examination of whether his socially moderate stance will hurt him in the Republican primary. Next up was Hillary Clinton, who people just don't seem to "like." Barack Obama is on deck at the moment, and faces perhaps the toughest question of the three. "What's he ever done?" Where Giuliani seemingly has already flip-flopped enough to make a large number of Republicans happy and Clinton has tackled her problem by a) poking fun at herself and b) wrapping herself in a cloak of inevitability, Obama can't very well rush out and "do" a lot at this stage in the game. But there are work-arounds and ways to market the candidate to gloss over such issues.

Of course, none of this should be news (and probably isn't) to any of the campaigns, but you never know what ridiculous excuses political strategists can think up for their candidates not performing well. At any rate, it makes for good reading.

Also on Slate, courtesy of Mickey Kaus, is a so-obvious-it-hurts point from Mickey Kaus about The Huffington Post and John McCain. McCain is trying to win a REPUBLICAN primary and therefore would be foolish to listen to a single word of advice coming from Arianna and the gang. No one's suggesting he would, but it seems odd they'd devote so much time to it. I wonder if any right-wing blogs--not that there are many (any) with the sort of numbers HuffPo pulls in--are lecturing Clinton or Obama on what to do at this stage in the game.
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