Chuck Norris Dares You Not to Vote for Huckabee

First TV Ad for Long-Shot Candidate Full of Chuckles

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This is reportedly Mike Huckabee's first TV ad of the season. It features Chuck Norris playing straight man, telling the voter why he or she should vote for Huckabee. It also features Huckabee relating some Chuck Norris "facts." For the uninitiated, facts about Chuck Norris have been an internet sensation for the past couple of years, propelling Chuck (and his beard) into a sort of ironic-mythical realm. Chuck was deemed cool enough to star in a Mountain Dew commercial. Also, for the uninitiated, here's one of the early Chuck Norris Fact generators -- a couple of my favorites are "Chuck Norris bites frost" and "Chuck Norris can lead a horse to water AND make him drink." Will it help the Huckabee cause? Unlikely. Though I think it actually helps that former actor and current hapless candidate Fred Thompson -- of all people -- attacks the ad for confusing celebrity endorsement with policy.

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