Does Clinton Still Have a Shot?

If So, What Can She Do to Take Advantage of It?

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You'd expect Hillary Clinton's staffers to claim there's still a race going on and that Barack Obama doesn't have a convincing lead. But Peter Daou ain't the only one making the argument. TalkLeft's Jeralyn Merritt yesterday posted a "Memo to Super Delegates" that rounds up some of the points being made in Hillary's favor, most notably that Clinton has so far won the most potential electoral votes and that many of Obama's wins were in states (such as Wyoming) that are really unlikely to go Democratic in a general election.

Adam Nagourney writes that a potential Obama poll collapse might turn the Super Delegates Clinton's way. But Nagourney also lays out just how tall an order that is. Not only does Clinton have to win states such as Pennsylvania and Indiana, she has to win by huge margins.

So obviously she's got to find Obama's weakness and just pound away. Team Clinton was given a perfect opportunity with the recent Jeremiah Wright scandal, but they seem to have let it slide. It didn't help that Geraldine Ferraro's comments neutralized Hillary's ability to jump in and say anything. Perhaps, too, they hoped the media would pound the drums long enough. Clinton should know by now that the media is extremely uninterested in helping along an Obama meltdown. With the exception of Fox News, they've all dropped the Wright storyline in favor of the infamous Clinton & Sinbad comedy tour of Bosnia.

Having Fox News gnaw on the story is perhaps the worst thing that can happen from a voter's perspective. That only makes Obama seem more like a party hero. But it is probably the most accurate glimpse of what will happen during the general election and one wonders if the Super Delegates are paying attention. As Nagourney states, "They are also hungry to win the White House and, in many cases, more committed to the success of the Democratic Party than to the fortunes of any specific candidate."

Christopher Hitchens, in a screed about Obama, faith and politics, has practically penned some killer copy for a Clinton attack ad: "You often hear it said, of some political or other opportunist, that he would sell his own grandmother if it would suit his interests. But you seldom, if ever, see this notorious transaction actually being performed, which is why I am slightly surprised that Obama got away with it so easily."

But at what price victory? The Gore/Bush election to this day sends people over the edge in paroxysms of anger. While Republican bloggers are licking their chops at the prospect, what the Democratic party doesn't need is a "Selected, not Elected" chant tainting their own convention. And that's to say nothing of Obama's supporters -- who are the most emotionally invested in this race -- staying home in the fall if Clinton somehow pulls out an upset.
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