Clinton Ad Calls Obama a Big Ol' Chicken

Says He's Scared to Debate

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On one of the Sunday chat-fests last weekend, Hillary Clinton was saying that Barack Obama hadn't been tested because he hadn't faced a single negative ad. As I'm inclined to do, I screamed at my television: "Well whose fault is that, Hillary?!?!" Sure, there've been the usual dirty tricks and back-alley knife fights this election, but the Democratic ads have been remarkably clean. Hillary, though, has come through with an ad that qualifies as "negative" -- if we're to use the hypersensitive definition of "any ad that dares to point out that the other candidate isn't all sunshine and lollipops." In the ad below, she hits Obama for not agreeing to debate her in Wisconsin. Best line of the ad: "Maybe he'd prefer to give speeches than have to answer questions." Simple. To the point. Effective.

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