Clinton Camp: Republicans Will Use Obama's Drug History

Shaheen Throws Mud While Pretending to Keep Hands Clean

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Well, we're square in the holiday season and everything's up in the air, so we all know what that means: negative campaigning! Of course, negative campaigning hurts people's feelings and it makes watchdog groups weep tears of sorrow. So how to do it without getting caught ... or at least without looking like a big old meanie and tarnishing your own brand.

Here's a pretty solid attempt: "Billy Shaheen, the co-chairman of Hillary Clinton's campaign in New Hampshire, raised the issue of Sen. Barack Obama's past admissions of drug use in discussing the relative electability of the Democrats seeking the presidential nomination today. ... Among his concerns about Obama as the nominee, he said in an interview here today, is that his background is so relatively unknown and that the Republicans would do their best to unearth negative aspects of it, or concoct mistruths about it. Shaheen, a lawyer and influential state power broker, mentioned as an example Obama's use of cocaine and marijuana as a young man, which Obama has been open about in his memoir and on the trail."

See what he did there?

UPDATE: That didn't take long. The Clinton has parted ways with Shaheen.
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