Clinton Campaign Busts Out Issue Ads Online, Economy First

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Credit: Courtesy of Hillary Victory Fund.

The Clinton campaign is busting out the issue ads online. Until recently, the Hillary Victory Fund, the campaign's joint fundraising group formed with the Democratic National Committee, has stuck to simple online messaging intended to help build a supporter list and generate donations, focusing its digital ads almost entirely on the "I'm with Her" message.

But starting in mid-August, a variety of issue-specific themes have crept into the organization's digital ads, according to digital ad tracker Moat Pro. This new crop of ads has an economic bent. "It's time to invest in new, good-paying jobs," states one. Others take a cue from the economic message that resonated with Bernie Sanders supporters, stating, "Those at the top should pay their fair share," and "The economy should work for everyone -- not just those at the top."

Another ad deals with corporate taxes, declaring, "Companies who move overseas should pay an exit tax."

These recent ads also incorporate a new prompt encouraging people to "Read Hillary's Plan," a departure from the "Add My Name" buttons seen in the majority of the campaign's ads so far. As the general election campaign kicks into high gear, Democrats and the Clinton camp aim to distinguish the former Secretary of State's campaign platform from Donald Trump's, both in terms of policy and substance. Ms. Clinton's campaign site features an "Issues" page that links to details on her plans to address several issues including paid family leave, immigration reform and gun violence prevention.

By introducing specific issues in ads, the campaign can gauge which messages elicit the most response via click-through rates or subsequent sign-ups or donations. And they can help segment voters into groups based on which issues spurred a response. That information can be used to target voters with customized messages in emails, phone calls or direct mail down the road.

Credit: Courtesy of Hillary Victory Fund.

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