Colbert's Bubble Burst Bernie Game Has Gone Viral

'Not Only Does Bernie Make Good Points, He Also Points Good'

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An animated GIF of wildly gesticulating presidential candidate Bernie Sanders popping colorful cartoon bubbles with his pointing finger has racked up more than 5 million views in less than 24 hours on image-sharing site Imgur. And no wonder: It's a perfectly shareable bit of nonsense that's funnier than expected and feeds directly into the Short Attention Span Theater that is the 2016 presidential campaign. Who has time for a full soundbite -- or even sound?

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But if you look closely at the Bubble Burst Bernie GIF, you might notice a CBS-logo bug in the lower-right-hand corner. That's because the GIF was ripped from a Wednesday "Late Show With Stephen Colbert" YouTube post -- an excerpt from a segment on Tuesday night's show. In that segment, Colbert played a clip of Sanders, noting that "Not only does Bernie make good points, he also points good. In fact, Bernie's pointing prowess has inspired us to create a new video game. It's Bubble Burst Bernie. Let's do it!"

By the way, the original clip on YouTube has fewer than 50,000 views as of Thursday morning.

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