Colbert: VP Debate 'Like Watching a Loaf of White Bread Get Pistol-Whipped by a Jar of Mayonnaise'

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"The Late Show With Stephen Colbert" on CBS is usually pre-recorded earlier in the evening for its 11:35 p.m. ET time slot, but last night it aired live so Colbert could capitalize on the Vice Presidential Debate between Gov. Mike Pence and Sen. Tim Kaine (the show did the same thing for the first Presidential Debate). After noting the general lack of interest in the candidates (at one point flashing an ABC News headline on screen that read "More Than 40 Percent of Americans Cannot Name VP Candidates"), Colbert said, "They say these vice presidential debates don't matter -- and Hillary Clinton had better hope so. Because, uh, both men, you know, tried their hardest, but it was like watching a loaf of white bread get pistol-whipped by a jar of mayonnaise. Not a lot of flavor, but there was a clear winner, OK?"

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