Consumers Are Gaining Control Even of Political Campaigns

Tequila's Kristi Vandenbosch Compiles Video Highlights Reel to Show Where Younger Voters Are Getting Their Messages From

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Social media and user-generated-content have fundamentally changed the political landscape. That was the message from one of the best-received panels at last week's Advertising 2.0 event co-produced by Digital Hollywood and Ad Age. Among the panelists was Kristi Vandenbosch, president of Tequila North America, who put together this video highlights reel to emphasize just how dramatically politics has shifted from being brand controlled (in this case, the brand being the candidates) to being consumer controlled.

"The pieces I collected in the video were examples from an informal poll I conducted asking people under 35 where they were their election information," said Ms. Vandenbosch. "Rather than traditional news outlets, they provided these as samples. They were more likely to trust commentary -- even satirical commentary -- from their peers than either news or -- especially -- the candidates' advertising."

Sounds right to us. You can watch it here.
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