DeepDrumpf Twitter Bot Pretty Good at Generating Trumpisms

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Is it Donald Trump or @DeepDrumpf?
Is it Donald Trump or @DeepDrumpf? Credit: Ty Wright/Bloomberg

For all you marketers who dream of automated Twitter bots to efficiently and convincingly tout your brands, perhaps there's hope yet. At least there's a potential proof of concept in @DeepDrumpf, an automated Twitter handle that The Guardian reports was created at Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab:

Donald Trump may be a "really smart person" by his own estimation, but his speeches are now fuelling a really smart Twitter bot, which uses artificial-intelligence technology to copy the Republican frontrunner.

The name is a reference to the candidate's family name from long ago, as John Oliver recently pointed out, temporarily making "Donald Drumpf" a more popular Google search than either "Marco Rubio" or "Ted Cruz."

Some of @DeepDrumpf's pronouncements so far indeed sound more or less like Mr. Trump's own tweets. Here's the @RealDonaldTrump on a few important subjects:

And here's @DeepDrumpf:

On second thought, if artificial intelligence is only coming this close to mimicking a candidate who is said to give speeches at a fourth-grade level, maybe marketers should plan on staffing their social media accounts with humans for a while yet.

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