Democratic Financial Tsunami?

Politico Points to Rise of the 'Baby Bundlers'

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The Politico's Jeanne Cummings, in writing about the rise of small individual donors, says: "Beneath those broad numbers lies harder evidence suggesting a Democratic financial tsunami is building. ... The total number of donors who gave more than $200 in the first six months of this year to Democrats was 137,388 compared to 81,075 givers to Republicans, the Campaign Finance Institute study found." (Emphasis mine.)

Still, the trend is toward having MORE people donating to both parties. Undoubtedly, the internet has something to do with that. Of course, translating that money into a win is another matter entirely. Howard Dean couldn't do it. And if current polling trends continue, Barack Obama -- who's whupping up on everyone else in terms of attracting these new donors -- doesn't seem like he'll do it either.

Then again, the media seems to be having another go at Hillary Clinton. They don't like her. She doesn't like them. And sometimes, Bill has to step in to slap people around. According to ABC, Clinton "is running perhaps the most media-controlled -- and media-obsessed -- campaign in presidential history. Her aides carefully screen access to the candidate, generally avoid news conferences on the campaign trail and have been known to throw around the Clintons' considerable weight to block negative stories and influence coverage of the candidate they're protecting and promoting."

Most recent example is Bill strong-arming the fancy boys at GQ into killing a negative piece. (By the way, Politico is on fire!)
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