Diageo Knows How to Earn Its Media

Forget the Guy in the Captain Suit; Stop by the Media Tent

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As Jeremy Mullman wrote earlier, Diageo's Captain Morgan has apparently developed a taste for politics -- or at least the relatively cheap publicity that comes when you give journalists free booze. Captain Morgan -- or someone dressed as him -- has been walking around inside the perimeter. As usual, he's accompanied by a bevy of babes. How these people got security clearance is beyond me.

More important for journalists is that Diageo has set up The Captain's Corner in one of the media pavilions, which includes a number of fine Diageo liquors. Though the Captain gets all the publicity, I think journalists and their ilk would have rioted if they'd only been offered the Captain, which is an acquired taste -- and one usually acquired in your early 20s and lost shortly after you leave your sorority. I kid, I kid! Journalists wouldn't riot; they'd mumble under their breaths while drinking whatever free alcohol shoved in their direction. Just like we did while we scarfed down chicken fingers and popcorn served up in The Captain's Corner.

Below, video evidence of the Captain putting the party back in the platform.

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