One Way to Differentiate the Edwards 'Brand'

Come Out Against Bush's Immigration Bill

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Blogging at, "TarHeel" offers some advice to John Edwards and Joe Trippi. Among other things, he suggests Edwards take on the immigration bill that George Bush and the Senators are trying to cram through despite the shouts of rage from various quarters (and Lou Dobbs). Mitt Romney's had some success dumping on this bill. And I'd bet good money John McCain can kiss his nomination chances good-bye. If Edwards can make a case for it from the left -- and TarHeel basically makes the case for him -- it could bump him up in the polls.

Macro Idea 3. Come out against Bush's Immigration Bill. This is hugely unpopular. Most americans outside the blogosphere heavily oppose it. Union workers seem unhappy with it. Americans (outside the blogosphere) instinctively don't believe in rewarding illegal behavior with citizenship. This would bring lots of free press for Edwards and distinguishes him from others on the Democratic side. I'm fairly certain this wouldn't lose any votes in Iowa or NH or SC.

micro This can simultaneoulsy be opposed on humanitarian and populist ideals. It is highly unlikely and kind of mean to expect families to split up to follow Bush's bill. Further I think many people are worried about wage issues. The biggest pushers of this bill are multinational corporations who want more H1B visas, and the Chamber of Commerce PAC that want cheap labor. This reinforces good issues for Edwards.
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