Esurance Offers Election Insurance* in Case You Have to Move to Canada

*Actually, Early April Fool! Now Watch the Funny Fake Ad

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In this new commercial from Esurance, announcer John Krasinsky (Jim Halpert from "The Office," always and forever) says in voiceover, "You need an insurance company that evolves with you, whether you're setting down roots to start a new family" -- here we glimpse a tender scene of a pregnant woman with her husband -- "or uprooting your family to move to Canada" -- at which point we see a family of three watching the election returns on TV and reacting with shock and dismay as the "next president of the United States" is announced. The voiceover continues: "Because now more than ever, it's important to have a smart insurance policy that protects your home in the event that you decide to abandon it for the next four years."

No specific presidential candidate is mentioned in this early April Fools' Day ad from Esurance, and a series of testimonials from Esurance customers also don't make it clear which president they're fleeing, but a disclaimer notice that scrolls down the screen at the end of the spot might give you a couple hints: "If you chose to leave the country, Esurance is not liable for any walls erected after your departure, and assumes no legal or financial responsibility if your assets are redistributed for the greater good in your absence."

The moving-to-Canada joke has already popped up in a new Spotify campaign, but the Esurance spoof scores extra points with some semi-plausible standard, premium and platinum options for protecting your home by giving it "that lived-in feel" while you're away.

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