Facebook 'Likes' Equal Electoral Win in Over 70% of Key Races

Can Social-Media Predict Winners? Maybe. For Now

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The Facebook political team (yes, there is such a thing) is analyzing its data after last night's election and it's determined that in the 98 House races it tracked, 74% of the candidates with the most Facebook fans won. And "over 82% of the 34 Senate races that have been decided were won by the candidate with more Facebook fans," said the social-media network.

Those numbers may change a little as some of the races Facebook was tracking still haven't been called yet.

As the network's PR machine makes clear, results may vary. It provided two interesting examples out of Florida. Marco Rubio had the most fans and the most votes and took the Senate seat. In one House race, however, the Facebook numbers weren't just off, they were way off. Democrat Alan Grayson had 30,000-plus fans to Republican Daniel Webster's 4,600. But Webster won the race.

Still, a 70% or higher success rate is nothing to sneeze at. Of course, now that this news is out, it'll probably turn into another meaningless metric as candidates and social-media experts gear up to game the system next time around.

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