This Florida Democratic Primary Brought to You By ... ?

An Idea So Good It'll Never Work

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OK, DNC, we'll give you this one free. I just got off the phone with our D.C. reporter Ira Teinowitz who had an idea for this blog thing we do. He wondered what our readers might think of a major marketer paying for (and sponsoring) a second round of Democratic primaries in Florida and Michigan. I think the idea borders on genius. Lord only knows the legal issues involved and how many democracy activists would scream at our pristine, 100% corruption-free political process being tainted by corporate America. But it would be a brilliant marketing opportunity. "True democracy brought to you by the good folks at ..."

Which brings up the second part of the equation. Who would benefit from sponsoring such a thing? A retailer? A beverage company? An auto company in Michigan and an entertainment company in Florida? A company that's had a rocky diversity history?

Of course, part of me relishes the thought of a Democratic primary that would likely benefit Barack Obama -- and all those Target-loving, Mac-using brand-conscious yuppie types -- being sponsored by Wal-Mart. But forget about my opinion. What do you think? Would this be a smart move by a marketer? And which marketer would it benefit?
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