Godfather's Pizza Brand Buffeted By Cain Campaign

Republicans Like It More, but Scandal Hurt Chain With Democrats

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Here's a brand Herman Cain has hurt besides his own: Godfather's Pizza is now a partisan issue.

BrandIndex reported this week that while the pizza brand Cain used to run was pretty much equally popular among Democrats and Republicans before Cain's candidacy earlier this year, affinity for Godfather's has split among party lines in recent months.

As BrandIndex notes:

Since then, political party perception of the brand took three distinct routes: it has soared with Republicans, remained neutral for Independents, and trended mildly downward with Democrats.

When the news cycle kicked in about allegations of inappropriate behavior from Cain during his National Restaurant Association tenure, Republican perception of Godfather's Pizza was not significantly impacted, while perception among Independents and Democrats took sharp drops.

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