Gov. Bill Richardson on the Writers' Strike

Why It Matters to New Mexico and Colbert

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MANCHESTER, N.H. ( -- Like several other Democratic presidential candidates, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson is issuing a statement of concern about the writers' strike and support for the writers.

Unlike some of the others, Gov. Richardson is also worried the strike could have some immediate economic impact on him and perhaps a political impact as well.

New Mexico has increasingly become an alternative cheaper production site for TV series and programming and any hiatus in production could have economic impacts on the state, the governor said late yesterday. The governor is due in New Hampshire tomorrow for campaign appearances.

"I support the writers in their strike for a fair deal," the governor said. "New Mexico has taken the lead nationally in offering significant incentives to curb the number of productions leaving the country and to keep United States productions here. As a result, we have become a leader in production volume outside of California and New York. So of course we are watching this situation closely.

"While I hope for a quick resolution to this strike in order to avoid any long-term impact on both the production community and the general public, I also recognize that the issue here is complex: How to distribute equitably the revenues generated from emerging distribution sources such as DVDs and the Internet. I am confident that all of the parties involved will see that it is in their mutual interest to come to a fair resolution sooner rather than later. The pot certainly is big enough for everyone."

As for the worry about the strike's political impact?

"I do not want Stephen Colbert to have any second thoughts about getting out of the race," said Gov. Richardson.
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