Hillary Clinton to Attend YearlyKos

That Should Be Interesting

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According to a post written by Peter Daou, the Clinton campaign's internet director, Hillary Clinton will be attending YearlyKos, the yearly progressive blogger convention founded by No. 1 lefty blogger Markos Moulitsas ZĂșniga . This year the conference will be held in Chicago, Aug. 2-5, 2007.

Hillary's raised the ire of the DailyKos community with her vote on the Iraq war as well as her robotic professional-establishment politician demeanor and her ties to big business. Last year Kos, himself, referred to her as "part of the Clinton machine that decimated the national Democratic Party."

Prior to the decision, DailyKos diarist David Boyle listed the pros and cons of Hillary attending the convention.

Barack Obama, John Edwards and Bill Richardson are also planning to attend.
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