Hillary Clinton Goes Back to Consumer-Generated Well

Seeks Help for YouTube Video

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This just came over the Campaign Trail transom, "signed" by Mandy Grunwald, media adviser/director of advertising for Hillary for President :

Dear Friend,
I really need your help.
On July 23, Hillary will participate in a debate sponsored by YouTube and CNN. All of the candidates will make a 30-second video that will play at some time during the debate.
My job in the campaign is to make the videos and the ads, and I have a great team of really creative people helping me. But when we sat down to figure out what our 30-second video for the debate should be, we decided pretty quickly to give you the assignment instead.
You know why you support Hillary. You know why this country is ready for change. You know why she's ready to lead.
All you need to do is put it in a video of 30 seconds or less, and you may be featured during the CNN/YouTube debate on July 23.

Consumer-generated is great and all. And I guess it does fit in well with the upcoming CNN/YouTube debate. But at some point, one has to wonder how ad people can justify their rates if they let amateurs do half their work for them?
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