Hillary Clinton to Appear on 'Daily Show' Monday Night

Can Jon Stewart Give Her a Boost?

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Hot off the press releases: "NEW YORK, February 29, 2008 -- Senator Hilary Clinton will make an appearance as a guest on 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart' on Monday, March 3 at 11:00 p.m."

Who's going to be more nervous and un-funny, Hillary Clinton or Jon Stewart? It's one thing to skewer Chris Matthews, but Clinton doesn't seem the sort to play well with others, especially when things aren't going her way.

Then again, she didn't do such a bad job last time she was on the show back in 2003.

Could this be the image-crafting hand of Roy Spence at work? Is this a waste of time by a candidate who should be campaigning in Texas and Ohio? What kind of ratings does "The Daily Show" bring in in Texas and Rhode Island?

Maybe it'll do more for her than that Hallmark Channel buy ahead of Super Tuesday.
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