Hillary Clinton Will Give You More Time Off

Also, She's Worked the Night Shift

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Did you know that Hillary Clinton works the night shift, too? Just like you hardworking blokes out there in Ohio. I don't know quite how to react to this new spot. The Republican side of me wants to point out that, if anything, those hardworking folks in Ohio will have to work more hours to get their own cash in their hands if things such as universal health care and day care are approved. Despite what George Bush and Hillary Clinton would have us believe, the government does not have a big bucket of money to pay for these things and the money will come out of those very same paychecks. On the other hand, the spot makes a nod at offering specifics and it talks to the working-class sector of the Democratic party that's been delivering the votes for Hillary Clinton. "Sure," it seems to say, "Barack Obama is promising you sunshine and rainbows and 'change.' Elect me and you'll get a few more bucks in your pocket and a couple more hours to spend with your kids." Video after the jump.

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