Hillary Clinton's Campaign Logo: Love It or Hate It?

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If you need more proof that people will argue about anything online and that the word "controversy" has lost all meaning, look no further than the "controversy" over Hillary Clinton's campaign logo.

Some poor soul at Creative Bloq has been sifting through Twitter feeds to dig up responses to the Clinton campaign logo. As with any good logo "controversy," responses range from "It's awesome!" to "It's stolen" to "It's amateurish" to "It looks like the Cuban flag" to "It's got meaning so deep, obviously you can't understand it."

Especially for designers and creatives, a good logo argument can be useful, even educational. Remember the great Gap debacle of 2010? Creative Blog's even got a handy post offering 60 expert logo design tips.

But, because this is political, the subtext from the pro side is that the logo itself can lead America in the right direction. And the con side just might be arguing that looking at the logo makes you 5% more likely to turn into a socialist.

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