Hillary Continues to Rock the Vote

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Hillary Clinton's back with another pick-my-campaign-song video. And it's another good one -- not too sincere, slightly goofy and she only looks like she's faking it just a little bit. (See the first one here.)

She also made the "wise" decision to continue campaigning in Iowa despite the advice to withdraw from a campaign consultant. The conspiracy theorist in me sees this as nothing more than a marketing ploy. Let me put on my tin-foil hat and explain. See, she never intended to withdraw from Iowa, but by letting it leak out that she was told to withdraw then refused, she accomplishes two things. 1) She makes Iowans feel special (which, sadly, is a much more important campaign tactic than it should be) and 2) She makes it look like she's willing to tell consultants and pollsters to take a hike.

Meanwhile, John Edwards continues to garner negative headlines for ... well, among other things, raking in huge gobs of money while talking about poverty. It also looks like he's going to take numerous hits from Bob Shrum's new book, No Excuses: Concessions of a Serial Campaigner. Shrum is painting Edwards as a sort of Clinton-without-the-smarts and someone who's slightly afraid of gay people.

But Edwards is still ahead in the polls in Iowa. (As is Romney.) Why? Old-fashioned leg work.
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