Hitwise Offers Look at Data From Candidate Sites

Obama, Clinton and Paul Leading the Race

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There's yet another place to get data on which presidential candidate is winning the web race. Check out Hitwise's Election 2008 Data Center, complete with RSS Feeds.

Of course, a quick look at the numbers will illustrate that one should never confuse web results with real-world results. Barack Obama's site leads by more than 10 percentage points with a 26.73% of the web traffic. Hillary Clinton, who's whupping Obama in real-world polls is second, with a 15.92% share of the traffic.

And those two are followed closely by Ron Paul with 15.12% of the traffic. Ron Paul hasn't broken the 3% mark in any reliable poll dealing with the Republican primary. And by reliable, I mean polls in which Ron Paul supporters can't vote on the internet 6,000 times each.

The oddest thing is that despite all of John Edwards net-roots efforts and his popularity with power-house web presences like DailyKos and MoveOn.org, he lags in fourth place with 12.08%.

Who comes in last? Tommy Thompson and Sam Brownback, with .59% and 1.2%, respectively.
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