Hot Woman Hearts Obama

YouTube Video May Be First Reverse-Macaca

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If there's such a thing as a reverse-Macaca moment, it could be this video in which a comely young lass sings about her crush on Barack Obama. A coworker tells me she saw it on the local news this morning, so already it's made the jump from the web to TV. If this thing were true ... well, it's the kind of support that could put Obama over the top!

It's actually the product of an outfit called, which appears to be a political humor site (I'm checking into that). It could also be a political stripper site as its tagline is "America's New Poll Dancers."

Then again, this could be a cunning Democratic ploy to counter the GOP's use of bosoms as a campaign tactic.

UPDATE: Ah, we've been had by another Bunny Conspiracy. The dance moves may belong to the young lady in the video, but the voice belongs to Leah Kauffman. Kauffman, if you remember, also provided the voice (but not the moves) for the My Box in a Box video.
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