Huckabee Steps in a Pile of Limbaugh

Worst Marketing Misstep of the Season?

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While Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney duke it out over the religious vote and seemingly every available poll reports a different leader in both Republican and Democratic primaries, one thing is exceedingly clear: If you're running in a Republican primary, you don't cross Rush Limbaugh. Apparently, a "prominent Huckabee ally" did that earlier this week, suggesting to the Atlantic that Rush is a tool of the establishment and might be pulling for Hillary Clinton because "having another Clinton back in power would make him the Leading Voice of the Opposition once again."

Way to rile up the right ... in all the wrong ways. People were wondering if Limbaugh would let the comments slide. National Review offers some quips from today's show. Rush gets in lots of zingers, but this one goes pretty deep: "Who is this campaign to decide who is and who is not conservative? I hadn't heard of Huckabee in any serious manner before this campaign began. Believe me, I know who the conservatives are and aren't."

As Glenn Reynolds says, "That would be like Hillary going after Oprah."

An official Huckabee staffer has told National Review that the campaign has no idea who the D.C. ally is and, further, "We're big fans of Rush Limbaugh and have been for years, and I can tell you that's not what we think at the Huckabee campaign in Little Rock. We have nothing but respect for Rush Limbaugh and know that he's a big part of the conservative movement in this country."
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