Here's What I Think of Celebrity Get-Out-the-Vote Efforts

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Every election cycle, it's the same thing: Celebrities crawl out of Hollywood to tell us to vote. I'm not talking about their partisan campaigning for candidates. At least that approaches honesty. I'm talking about their get-out-the-vote efforts in which they pretend they just want everybody to vote (while they have their fingers crossed hoping that no Sarah Palin supporters take them up on the challenge). At any rate, the folks below have spoofed a recent GOTV spot. Regardless of your political stripe, you might enjoy it. Favorite line: "Spider-man told me to vote! Shazzam!" Sure, the spoof is too long and gets annoying -- just like the original!

If you've got some brain cells and five minutes to kill, you can watch the "inspiration" for the spoof here.
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