Will Immigration Make/Break Republican Hopefuls?

Romney's Latest Ad Hits Giuliani on Sanctuary Cities

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First Rudy Giuliani was too pro-choice. Then he was too pro-gay. Then he was too pro-gun control. Despite those three strikes on issues supposedly near and dear to all Republican primary voters, the former mayor of New York is still running strong in the polls.

So, if you're the candidate spending large sums of money on advertising trying to beat this man, what are you to do? If you're Mitt Romney, you hit Giuliani--without mentioning his name, of course--on immigration and the issue of sanctuary cities.

Obviously, there's some basis for this. John McCain, after all, squandered all of his momentum trying to push through the immigration-reform bill and incurring the wrath of a wide swath of Republicans (the ones who vote in primaries as opposed to the ones who write editorials for business papers).

But is hitting Giuliani on this issue really going to hurt him? You tell me.
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