Inside a Barack Obama Event

Raw and Unfiltered Recount

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While I don't think YouTube or blogs are going to win anyone the election, I do appreciate the fact that blogs allow regular people to report on campaign fundraisers and other events, without the benefit of professional PR spin or journalistic "he said/she said" accounts that treat such events as if they're actually news. They may not be news, but they can be interesting ... and funny. Yes, I'm aware that those blogging about a campaign event are likely to support that candidate and will spin, spin, spin. But not always.

Blogger Dawn Summers donated a chunk of changed to the Barack Obama campaign so that she could get VIP access to an event. Her reaction: "Bottom line, yeah, Obama touched me. But he didn't, you know, touch me."

Despite a few run-ons and the lack of paragraph tabbing, it's a funny -- and honest -- look.
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