Language Abuse From Congressional Quarterly

This Is the Last Time You'll See 'Bruncheon' on Ad Age

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It's convention time! And that means loads of parties and meet-ups and panels and breakfasts and dinners and lunches and brunches and ... bruncheons?!? Yes. The folks at Congressional Quarterly, who are conducting a series of these so-called bruncheons during the conventions, have apparently been hanging around with advertising creatives -- the sort who think "conceive" and "think" are inadequate verbs and have therefore switched to the nonwords "concepting" and "ideating." People who use these words think they sound "cool" and "with it." In fact, they sound like jargon-spewing business-class parrots. And now bruncheon. Let me ask you something. If brunch is meant to combine lunch and breakfast, just what the heck is bruncheon? Webster's New World doesn't provide any answers. practically laughed at me when I entered it in the search field. That's because it's a ridiculous non-word. Even more ridiculous than lupper or linner. At least those two are filling a need.

All of that said, I'm going to at least one CQ brunch-thingy. Both Ira Teinowitz and I will be in Denver and then St. Paul for the Democratic and Republican conventions. If you have stories to pitch or just want to chat with us (or yell at us), track us down.
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