Map: See the Markets Where Clinton, Trump and Johnson Are Spending on TV, Radio Ads

Find Out if You're Getting Targeted This Fall

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The Ad Age Presidential Campaign Ad Scorecard is sponsored by The Trade Desk

Editor's note: Here's the 29th installment of the 2016 Presidential Campaign Ad Scorecard. The chart below represents a collaboration between the Ad Age Datacenter -- specifically, Kevin Brown, Bradley Johnson and Catherine Wolf -- and Kantar Media's Campaign Media Analysis Group (CMAG), together with Ad Age Digital Content Producer Chen Wu. Some context from Simon Dumenco follows. --Ken Wheaton

• Last Friday we offered you a big-picture look at how much the Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton campaigns, together with the PACs supporting them, are spending on broadcast, cable and satellite TV, plus radio through the fall. (Spoiler if you missed it and haven't clicked on that link yet: Clinton and friends are way ahead of Trump and friends.)

• Today, we're drilling down to specific markets -- and adding in Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, who, U.S. News & World Report noted this morning, "has more support than past third-party candidates at this point in the race." Mr. Johnson is spending on ads in key markets in an attempt to reach the national poll threshold (15%) needed to qualify for the presidential debates, the first of which is scheduled for Sept. 26.

• Our map is interactive; when you mouse/hover over the blue dots (Clinton), red diamonds (Trump) and black squares (Johnson), you'll see a pop-up that lists a given candidate's booked spending in that market. Keep in mind that TV/radio markets are sometimes tricky things in these United States. For instance, to reach southern New Hampshire TV viewers, candidates typically have to buy into the Boston market.

• In certain markets, campaign ads will be inescapable. A question for residents of Ohio and Pennsylvania: Ever think of moving to, say, Texas or Montana? Now's the time!

• For best results, view this map on desktop or on a mobile device with a larger screen, such as a tablet.

• Another ICYMI: "Senate Campaign Ad Spending Exceeds Presidential, Thanks to Trump."

Ad Age 2016 Presidential Campaign Ad Scorecard
Booked presidential campaign spending by market from Sept. 2 through Nov. 7
Source: Ad Age analysis of data from Kantar Media's CMAG.
Spending and ad buys (future buys subject to change) for presidential campaigns, PACs and advocacy groups from Sept. 2, 2016, through Nov. 7, 2016, as of Sept. 1, 2016.
Spending by market excludes national and state-wide radio, satellite and cable buys.
Pay structures differ for candidates and PACs. Candidates pay the lowest unit rate. PACs pay whatever the market will bear.
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