So What's McCain Doing During Obama's World Tour?

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Barack Obama is going around the world and the media can't get enough. (I'd say that I was actually embarrassed for Katie Couric's coverage so far, but then I'd have to admit that I was watching network news!) So how has McCain been carving out his little bit of spotlight? He's reminding anyone who'll listen that Barack Obama was wrong on the surge. He's fighting with The New York Times over a rejected op-ed (see previous link). And he's running ads on TV and online (not that anyone's paying that much attention).

This 30-second spot mongers fear! But not fear that we'll all be blown up or that Obama is a Muslim. Nope. Fear that Obama is directly responsible for out-of-control gas prices. (Nice use of Obama's fans chanting Obama, by the way.)

And in this viral video making the Internet rounds, Team McCain offers a greatest hits of TV anchors salivating over Obama. (At first, I thought this was a product of Fox News rather than the McCain camp as it takes great delight in mocking MSNBC.) It's obviously way too long (and too inside-baseball) to run on TV, so this is just blog fodder.

UPDATE: Good story in the Wall Street Journal (subsription required) about Steve Schmidt, the man behind McCain's new combative stance.
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