So What Did You Think of the McCain Speech?

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I'm tempted to keep my mouth shut about John McCain's speech so as not to distract any of you from the question at hand: What did you think? But, since I offered my rambling opinion about Barack Obama's big show, I'll say this much: I found the McCain Hour to be rather dull and predictable. I know he's not a great speaker -- and it wasn't like Obama said anything new last week -- but I don't think I needed yet another reminder that McCain was a POW. Part of it wasn't necessarily McCain's fault. The ritualistic introductory segment of the speech dragged on longer than it had to after repeated interruptions by protesters, some from what appeared to be a veterans group, others from Code Pink. I'm surprised the Republicans dropped that ball. I was also a little surprised at the shoddy production quality -- which is much more apparent while watching on TV (I'm home now) than it was inside the arena. Did anyone else notice the guy with the handmade sign who'd spelled maverick incorrectly? Oh, and how about all that change talk? Anyway, leave your thoughts about McCain's speech and the overall convention in the comments (and try, if you can, to resist calling me a card-carrying commie or a redneck Republican).
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