McCain Totally Down With Usher; Obama Cool With Coltrane

The Candidates Do Entertainment Weekly

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For those who think Barack Obama's sitdown with "Access Hollywood" was an abomination and that having Bonnie Fuller offer an analysis of political marketing should be a crime against the state, here's more bad news for you: Both candidates sat down to talk popular culture with Entertainment Weekly. (It's only a matter of time before we get to the part in the election cycle when we see in-depth coverage of the candidates' choice in pets. You have pets, right guys?) John McCain's Q&A is here. Obama's is here.

Interesting points? McCain likes him some Usher. Also, the first movie he remembers seeing is "Bambi," which came out in 1942. Says McCain when asked if he cried: "When his mother was killed. Oh, yeah, I cried." Not surprisingly for a Republican, if John McCain were a superhero, he'd be Batman. Also, McCain deals a big load of disappointment to folks like me who hated that video for Obama. "That was really excellent," says McCain. And, big news, here: Cindy McCain has voted on "American Idol."

Michelle Obama and the Obama girls also happen to be big fans of "American Idol." For his part, Obama seems to be a sucker for weepy animal-themed movies as well. The first movie he remembers seeing is "Born Free," which caused him to tear up. And he seems to dodge the superhero question. He doesn't say which one he'd be, but says he prefers the Spider-Man/Batman model over the Superman model.

And since we in the media can turn anything into a partisan debate, Entertainment Weekly is allowing readers to vote on which candidate has better pop culture taste.
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