'Mitt's VP' App for Smartphones Promises First Word on Romney VP Pick

You're Going to Want to Allow Push Notifications

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Barack Obama promised to announce his vice-presidential pick in 2008 by text message. Now the Romney campaign is trying to go one better, introducing a smartphone app to do the same thing.

The Mitt's VP app for iPhones and Android phones, which requires people to sign in with a MyMitt account, will let users tweet the eventual pick, post it to Facebook or email it to others.

Given that nearly half of mobile phone users don't own smartphones, text messages would seem to be a more inclusive way to announce news. But the Mitt's VP app has some advantages for the campaign. While users wait for the VP pick, they can also use the app to retweet posts from the @mittromney account on Twitter or donate money.

Mitt's VP joins the With Mitt app introduced earlier this year, which lets users add messages like "With Mitt" or "A Better America" to photos and share them by social media and email. As Stephen Colbert and others pointed out, however, the app unfortunately originally misspelled "America." (Start at the 4:07 mark below.)

The Obama campaign's promise to text its pick to supporters first ran into its own troubles four years ago, when The New York Times wound up revealing the choice hours before anyone received the official text message. The Obama campaign announced its own Obama for America app today.

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