MoveOn to Dems: Retreat the Only Option

And Other Demcocratic Groaners of the Week

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Rep. Brian Baird (D-Wash.) voted against the Iraq war in 2003. Recently, he went to Iraq to see what he could see. Upon return, he decided -- partly on the premise of "If you broke it, fix it" -- that we had to give the surge more time to work. He'll be rewarded with a MoveOn campaign targeting him in his district. Say what you will about MoveOn, it certainly stands by its guns, regardless of little twitches in public opinion.

In other news, John Edwards seems to delight in finding more ways to be called a hypocrite. First it was the gajillion-dollar haircuts, then it was the investment in sub-prime loan company that seemed to prey on Katrina victims. Now, Edwards has said he'd expect Americans to give up their SUVs. Why not ask them to give up hamburgers and TV while you're at it. Ben Smith, at the Politico,has a nuanced take on the fact that Edwards has been known to own and ride in SUVs frequently. I say Ben's is more nuanced because he's actually bothered to dig up some fair comment. But in the bruising world of political blogging, it wasn't long before right-wing bloggers linked to this photo of Edwards' humble home. Instead of carbon-offsets, maybe he should invest in hypocrisy-offsets.

And the Clinton's are once again plagued by donations from shady Hong Kong businessmen. Of the things going on in the political sphere, this is probably the most "real" -- as opposed to trumped up haircuts and Barack Obama's wife supposedly insulting the Clintons. But the good news for the Hillary Clinton campaign is that the story is probably too complicated to keep the media (and the public) interested.
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