Myth: Obama's Anti-Smear Site Will Change Voters' Minds

Fact: It's Certainly Impressing the Media (And It's a Smart Move)

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Have you heard the news? The Barack Obama has created a site to battle unfounded rumors--especially ones claiming that Michelle Obama lives in the rafters of Trinity Mosque and snacks on white babies. Or something. But seriously, it's called and it's designed to ... well, fight smears. Of course, this is going to do nothing at all to convince the sort of people who actually believe Barack Obama is a Muslim named Barry Mohammed America-Hater. As if they're going to surf on over to Barack's website before hitting the send button on that mass e-mail to all the cousins up in them there hills.

But it's still a savvy marketing move. The site will provide fodder for the already faithful--and it does make sense to give supporters solid point-by-point ammunition to fight off the loonies. And the "news" of the site also seems to be capturing the attention of the media. Time magazine used 1,000 words to explore what is basically a web idea lifted from the Hillary Clinton campaign. (Anyone remember the Fact Hub)? Much better the media dwell on Michelle Obama rumors than keep rehashing that distracting story about the appointment and quick resignation of VP vetter Jim Johnson.
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