Watch What You Say: The Obama Edition

Campaign Launches 'Attack Watch'

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"If you see something . . ."
Barack Obama's campaign wants you to snitch on the bullies that are out to give the president a bad name. Obama for America has launched something called

"Join Attack Wire," the site reads, "and help stop the attacks on the President before they start."

Why, that sounds almost like something a thin-skinned, authoritarian would do, especially as it allows people to "file reports" on others. But it's nothing new. According to ABC News, a site called Fight the Smears was launched in 2008 by presidential candidate ... Barack Obama.

There's nothing wrong with this sort of thing, of course. Bounce around the site and mostly and you can see that it's designed to give supporters talking points to respond to attacks. But, as they say in the biz, the optics are bad when you, as the leader of the free world, pass yourself off as some sort of underdog and give people an opportunity to rat on others. And just to give Republicans just a little bit more to run with, the site looks downright sinister, what with the black background and red letters and black-and-white photography.

There's even a Twitter hash tag! But spend just one minute cruising #attackwatch and you'll see why The Washington Post is saying that the site has become more laughing stock than Big Brother.

Yes, there are some conservatives screaming that this is proof of Obama FascoMarxistAmericahatingsomethingorother. But many more have decided to have a laugh, tweeting things along the lines of "It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets reported to #AttackWatch" and "Watch the watchers. #attackwatch"

Funnily enough, none of those are showing up in the Twitter widget on the site.

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