Obama Campaign: Give Us Your Wedding Gifts

Because Who Needs a Little Extra Cash in This Economy?

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Does the Obama Campaign need an intervention? Perhaps someone with sense enough to say, "Do you realllllllly want to do that ?" before the team goes and does something like -- just one random hypothetical -- suggest that couples just skip wedding gifts in lieu of donations to Obama for President?

Sorry. That's not a hypothetical. The Obama Event Registry is an actual thing living on the campaign's blog at the moment. Listen, we understand that political donations come not from independents and undecideds, but from your hardcore faithful. So this wasn't a communication effort aimed at converting anyone (particularly the hundreds of Republicans who've discovered the post thanks to a Drudge link).

It's preaching to the choir. That's understood.

That said, this comes across as both tacky and tone deaf. In the current economy, a couple preparing for marriage would have to be either fabulously wealthy or fabulously insane to skip out on wedding gifts. For many marrying couples, those plates and knives and toasters get them started in life. Even for those who've been living together, the cash helps offset the cost of the wedding (a needlessly insane expenditure in itself, but that 's a topic for another time).

And even if the couple were wealthy and both hardcore Barack Obama supporters, interjecting politics into a wedding ceremony is just stupid. We'd caution any bride or groom against trying this. It's hard enough dealing with cranky Aunt Gertrude, who you'll probably have to sit at the kids' table because none of the adults will sit with her. And then your inlaws, at the last minute, decided they could invite a handful of their friends -- who you've never even met. And it looks like it might rain. And the flowers are wilting. And the cake hasn't shown up yet.

Do you really want Uncle Jimbo showing up in a camouflage tuxedo, waving a Don't Tread on Me flag and leading the half of your relatives who don't agree with your politics in an impromptu rally?

Same goes for anyone thinking of trying a Mitt Romney Event Registry.

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