Obama Campaign Starts Fighting Back

Attacks McCain for Being Out of Touch

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Finally! The Barack Obama campaign launches an ad that a) roughs McCain up a bit and b) doesn't say he's exactly the same as George W. Bush. Yes, Bush is featured in the ad, as is the "More of the Same" tagline, but now the "same" is being "out of touch." "Still," as the ad is called, is a pretty solid ad and looks to be part of an effort to recapture the "change" theme from the McCain team. In the second spot, titled "Real Change," Obama talks directly to the voters and explains what he's about. While both ads are more aggressive than recent efforts and certainly seem more proactive, they manage not to come off as a complete 180-degree turn from Obama's promises to wage a new kind of campaign. Still, he might have to make that turn if he's going to do battle with the Republicans. Both spots after the jump.

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