Obama Campaign Unleashes Attack Ad On... Obama?

Just In Case You'd Forgotten About Reverend Wright and Stuff

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Did you catch the latest bit of Decision 2012 weirdness? On Saturday the Obama campaign released what basically amounts to an attack ad against Obama. Background: The Obama campaign, of course, has been harping on Mitt Romney's time at Bain Capital -- particularly in regard to how long he was actually in charge of the secretive firm, which has been linked to the offshoring of jobs. Romney's response has been to demand that the president apologize for saying mean stuff about his time at Bain Capital.

So how does the Obama campaign respond? Basically, No way! Mitt Romney's a big meanie who doesn't deserve an apology because he's always saying mean things about the president that he doesn't apologize for! In fact, here's video proof!

Yeah, this is all getting too meta. Especially if you remember that Stephen Colbert's Super PAC released an attack ad against, yep, Stephen Colbert back in January:

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