Obama, Clinton and McCain on American Idol

Unlikely to Get Voted Off

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Marc Ambinder posted the news that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain will tape segments for American Idol's special "Give Back" show tomorrow night. How swell.

For some real entertainment, though, be sure to check out the comments section, predicting how Hillary Clinton will try to one-up the other two. My favorite comment, though, is this: "Hillary reminds me more and more of Penelope, one of Kristen Wiig's characters on SNL, who feels obliged to one-up anything someone else does, by claiming to have done the same thing better, faster, sooner, bigger, etc. 'His religion speech? -- I wrote that -- so, so -- I write all his speeches -- I write all the speeches for all the leaders of the world.'" If you're wondering who Penelope is, video after the jump.

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